Enabling the Power of Conversation

About UsefulBots

UsefulBots helps companies sell online. We help increase conversion, sales, and engagement with automated conversational tools.

Our Mission:

We create useful, powerful tools to help companies find and serve their customers better.

Our Principles:

Honesty & Transparency
We value honesty and transparency. We always let the users know when they are talking to a bot, and not a human, early in the conversation.
Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat
We follow the “Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat” model, because we believe in fast moving fields, expertise is temporary, and winning companies build learning cycles into the daily work.
User Privacy
We respect user privacy. We do our best to follow the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), even for users outside of the EU.
Value Focus
We focus on value. Before we begin any project, we always make sure we are clear about the value we will be delivering to our customer, and our customer’s users.

If your company is ready to try using state of the art conversational interfaces to:

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